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Liquid Resistance

Mobile computers are inevitably exposed to spills and splashes—not just from water, juice and coffee, but also from oils and certain chemicals. Testing measures the ability of Toughbook® mobile computers to survive such spills as well as rainfall.

Panasonic technicians perform water resistance tests in accordance with MIL-STD-810G, Method 506.5 Procedure I (Blowing Rain) and Procedure III (Spray). The test items are subjected to this test with the LCD open and the unit operating, but with ports closed. Rugged Toughbook computers are then tested and inspected for water intrusion. Unlike some computer manufacturers, Panasonic does not shorten the duration of liquid resistance tests. For instance, for the Blowing Rain test, Toughbook fully-rugged computers are tested for a full 30 minutes per surface with a 70 mph wind at rainfall of 5.8" per hour.

Different Toughbook models have different levels of water resistance. All Toughbook computers can survive six ounces poured on a keyboard. In addition to IP65 certification1, Toughbook U1 can keep running even when subjected to 12 hours of continuous spraying—the equivalent of half a day in pouring rain.

Tough MIL-STD: While some computer manufacturers shorten the duration of liquid resistance tests, Toughbook fully-rugged computers are tested for a full 40 minutes.

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