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Entech Engineering

Field Service Computer Technology

Entech Engineering, Inc., is a Tennessee-based firm specializing in mechanical plumbing and electrical engineering for new construction and restoration applications. Entech services customers in the retail and restaurant industries, including local Starbucks, Best Buy and Lowe's stores, as well as the education market.

In 2002, Entech began looking for a versatile, rugged laptop that could be used in the office for planning and CAD drawing applications and at the jobsite to document changes in construction. The device needed to be powerful enough to run graphic-intensive design software and durable enough to withstand the rigors of a construction site and the challenges of a busy travel schedule. Entech had been using standard business laptops but found they were frequently breaking at the monitor hinge. The lack of durability resulted in a short product life cycle and lowered Entech's return on investment (ROI), because the company was constantly replacing broken notebooks.

Find a notebook that is powerful, yet durable enough to survive the construction jobsite.

Panasonic's business-rugged line of Toughbook® notebooks were deployed to Entech's architects and engineers to keep them connected in the field.

Entech Engineering's Toughbook computers have held up in the most demanding environments and been in the field for six years, saving the firm money overtime.

Entech engaged DataSource Mobility, a Tennessee-based technology reseller specializing in providing solutions to the AEC market, who introduced them to Panasonic Toughbook durable notebooks. Entech selected Panasonic's business-rugged line for its light weight, portability, durability and dust resistance. The personalized service from DataSource Mobility, coupled with Panasonic's extended warranty and product support, contributed to Entech's decision to purchase the Toughbook brand of durable and reliable mobile computers. Since then, Entech has used a variety of Toughbook models across the Y, W and now F series line. The company is currently deploying the Toughbook F9 with its industry-leading durability and Intel® i5 processor.

Engineer John Croft depends on his Toughbook laptop for design planning in the office and access to drawings and company documents while on the road and at customers' jobsites. John has been very impressed with the durability of his Toughbook notebook and also uses the wireless connectivity across the nation over the Sprint cellular data network to receive communication and project updates in the field.

"I do a lot of traveling and am in and out of airports about 3-4 days a week. My Toughbook notebook travels everywhere with me and faces a good amount of abuse going through security. I once was flying from Houston to Washington, D.C., and didn't realize I had left my Toughbook F9 at security. TSA shipped the notebook overnight in just an envelope—no padding—and it survived the trip unscathed," said John Croft, Director of Construction Oversight, Entech Engineering. "The durability of Toughbook computers is unmatched. The amount of dust alone on a jobsite would cause most standard laptops to fail."

Ben Hunter, Mechanical Engineer, has been a Toughbook customer for over six years. He continued to purchase Toughbook computers for their reliability. Despite the higher initial purchase price, Ben has experienced significant ROI, saving the firm money over time.

"It is essential that our architects and engineers have a mobile computer that can be used in the office and on the jobsite. In our industry, things are constantly changing, because you can only draw and plan in two dimensions. Once you're in the field, you must be able to make adjustments and update those changes in real time," said Ben Hunter, Principal & Mechanical Engineer, Entech Engineering. "My previous devices just didn't hold up in the field. I still have my first Panasonic Toughbook computer that I purchased from DataSource Mobility over six years ago, and I still use it today. I haven't found anything more reliable."

“My previous devices just didn't hold up in the field. I Still have my first Panasonic Toughbook computer that I purchased from DataSource Mobility over six years ago, and I still use it today. I haven't found anything more reliable.”
- Ben Hunter, Principal & Mechanical Engineer, Entech Engineering

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